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Remapping: An Extended, Intensive, Experiential Training for Mental Health Professionals
-This training will probably change your life, and therefore your practice
-Four Friday night/Saturday meetings over 5 months; None in 2016

-Experiential ReMapping: ReRouting Life's Detours (individual therapy conducted in a group) [2013: April 26-28. Call for Brochure!]
-Experiential ReMapping: For Couples Only (therapy for couples)
-Path of the Healer (training)
-Dream Work (training) (See "In Your Dreams" tab)
-Supervision of the Self (supervision and training)
-Couple and Family Retreats (see separate tab)


Experiential ReMapping: ReRouting  Life's Detours

"ER" is an approach to intensive individual therapy that makes use of a small (6-12 people) group.

  • Hidden within each of us is the Truth of who we can become. It waits for us to give it shape and purpose, protected by the coping and survival skills we've acquired during life. Fortunately, the Soul comes with a Map to get us to that Truth. But if the Map and the Truth are hidden ...

How do you find them?

  • Though memory fails, the body remembers, and it doesn't lie. Experiential ReMapping can decode the body's memory, heal the wounds and losses that required you to “forget,” and help you rediscover your Soul‘s Map to your own best self. So . . .

"Follow the Map from Body to Soul."

ER is -
Safe . You won’t get damaged;
Powerful . You’ll probably get better;
Complete . A core issue can be dealt with in one experience;
Respectful . You are in charge of every step;
Intense. It probably won’t be fun.

  • One to three weekend ER groups are planned each calendar year.
  • 2016 SCHEDULE: An ER weekend is planned for November11-13. Start Friday, November 11April 26, at 6PM.
  • CONTACT Dr. Ward at 803.730.6489 for more information, or use the "Contact Me" page in this website.
  • FAQs ABOUT ER are available at the "ER FAQs" tab on the home page of this website.

Experiential ReMapping for Couples Only
In partnership with Dee Cox, M.Ed., LPC, Dr. Ward has developed a Couples-Only format for ER. The process highlights the fact that relationship trouble is often the way individual issues get activated and exposed; that relationship trouble is the clue to those individual issues. ER sorts out the individual issues by helping each partner ReMap their own "life detours," and exposes their individual truths. Each partner then sees the other more clearly, and both hearts are more open to giving and receiving adult love. Divorces have been prevented, and marriages revitalized, in Couples' ER.

  • This program is planned one weekend a year, usually in early December.
  • 2011: A weekend in the fall or early winter is currently being considered. Watch this space for exact dates.

FAQs ABOUT ER are available at the "ER FAQs" tab on the home page of this website.

FOR MORE INFORMATION call Dr. Ward at 803.730.6489 , or Dee Cox at 843.445.3086 .

Path of the Healer
Intended for "peoplehelpers" in mental health, social work, medicine, and the clergy, this extended and intensive program gives you an opportunity to connect your Soul to your conscious life, and make your Self the best instrument of your work. It’s not for the faint of heart. It‘s intended as a rigorous initiation into the role of Contemporary Healer, a role uniquely suited to participation in the reweaving of an unraveling world. For its power, the program draws on Jungian psychology, experiential bodywork, systemic therapy, ancient wisdom traditions, and faith in the human soul. Instead of ideology, theory, or technique, it offers a mirror so you can recognize and claim your unique call and path. "If you know where you're going, you're not on a journey. You're commuting." -Michael Meade.

One or two  multi-weekend programs are offered each year. For information call Dr. Ward at 803.730.6489 , or use the "Contact me" page in this website.

Dream Work
This is an extended and highly experiential program for all helping professionals. By sharing and exploring the meaning of their own dreams, participants learn to mine both their clients' unconscious process, and their own, for promise and warning of deep psychic issues, clues to "purpose of life," parts of the Self asking to be born, and many other treasures. "The unconscious is a treasure house of alchemical gold." -Robert A. Johnson.

One or two programs of four monthly meetings (Friday evening and Saturday) are planned each year. The 2011 dates have not yet been determined.  For information call Dr. Ward at 803.730.6489 , or use the "Contact me" page in this website.

Supervision of the Self
This is group supervision for SC-Licensed Professional Counselor Interns and Marriage and Family Therapy Interns working toward full licensure. (A program for Licensed Supervisors is offered periodically.)  Its unique focus provides you with a supervision experience you may not get anywhere else. It's intended to help you:

  • Understand the “map” acquired in your family of origin that led you to the work of healing;
  • Discover internal resources for your clinical work in both the gifts and burdens of your childhood;
  • Increase your ability to use your Self — the “Self of the therapist” — as your own “Inner Supervisor;”
  • Recognize when transference and projection, yours and your clients’, are influencing the therapy;
  • Discover the power of transference and projection when used as therapeutic tools, and learn and practice interventions that can do that.

One to three 5-day programs (1 day every 2-4 weeks) are planned each year. 2011-12's program dates have not yet been determined. For information call Dr. Ward at 803.730.6489, or use the "Contact me" page in this website.

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